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Dacryl inclusions are part of Interior Essentials’ Design Material program. Dacryl’s innovation is famous around the world for the inclusion of plants, minerals and textiles and custom colors in large acrylic panels. Applications range from decorative panels, shower enclosures, balustrades, furniture, lighting fixtures to work of art. Dacryl has developed a stable, reliable and cost efficient process which marries craftsmanship, art and world class fabrication. Dacryl has worked over the years with the finest designers around the world with the most intriguing projects – from private homes, yachts to prestigious hotels, spas and restaurants.

Interior Essentials provides Full access to Dacryl’s 2017 collection and new innovation, Selection of inclusions from inventory, Selected inclusions per square foot VS full panels for smaller projects, Assistance through the design stages, and Assistance with professional drawings and renderings.

There are 60 standard inclusions, with 4,200 colors, and transparent, brilliant, blurred, frosted, opaline, or scattered for back-lighting.

  • Transparent: Dacryl is crystal-clear with light transmission of 92%
  • Resistant: 10 x more impact resistant than glass
  • Light weight: 2 x lighter than glass
  • Temperature resistant: keeps its physical features from -40°F/211°F
  • UV resistant: does not yellow
  • Light conductive
  • Fire resistant: no toxic fumes
  • Toxicity: no toxic migration, low VOC
  • 100% recyclable

Panel sizes are:
(26.909ft2 (2.5m2))

– 98”27/64 x 39”3/8 (2500 x 1000mm)
as standard, but also available:
– 78”47/64 x 49”7/32 (2000 x 1250mm)
– 108”27/64 x 35”7/16 (2754 x 900mm)

– Thickness:

– 19/32” (15mm)
as standard, but also available:
– 25/64” (10mm)
– 15/32” (12mm)
– 45/64” (18mm)
– 25/32” (20mm)

Pre-Purchased Acrylic Panels

Our Acrylic Inclusion product is truly a one of a kind design feature which has impressed everyone who has seen it, and we want to help our designers with their lead-time and with product costs. In order to accomplish that, we selected seven of the top inclusions, which were picked out by our designers, and pre-ordered them so we could have them in stock in our showroom! Please see below for to see which inclusions were hand selected.

To price out the selection of inclusions from our inventory, inclusions are priced per square foot VS full panels for smaller projects.

PANELS: 39″(w) x 98″(h) – 1/2″ Thick
Quantity 2: Japanese Paper Inclusions
Quantity 3: Mikado Inclusions
Quantity 3: Rose Petal Inclusions
Quantity 3: Gold Cascade Inclusions
Quantity 1: Croco Inclusion
Quantity 2: Broken Glass Inclusions
Quantity 3: Green Herbs Inclusions

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