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Interior Essentials launches a contest open to all Interior Designers, General Contractors, Architects, and other Members of the Trade to win an 8-day tour for two persons, centered on the French Riviera and Provence

Trip Details Include

  • Business Class Round Trip Flights from Phoenix AZ to Nice France
  • Departing June 2019
  • 4-Star Hotel Stay in Nice
  • Daily Allowance
  • Transfers from/to Nice International airport
  • Rental car available during the stay

Things To Do

in Nice
Old Town, Flower Market, Local Gastronomy Tours (try la Socca and the Pissaladière), Day Tour to Saint Jean Cap Ferrat (visit the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild), Monaco, Grasse.

from Nice to Saint-Tropez
Coastal Road, Cannes, iles de Lérins, the Massif of Esterel, villa Bulle, Agay, Saint Raphael, Cogolin.

in Saint Tropez
Old Town, Art Galleries, Coastal Road to Saint Tropez, café Sennequier, extensive shopping!

Les Iles d’Or, Via Bormes and Canadel
Day trip to Porquerolles and Port Cros: Bike Tours, Beaches, Hikes, Snorkeling.


Personal Safety

As in any big city, visitors should use common sense and be alert to petty crime such as pickpocketing and purse-snatchings. Secure your wallet and bags when visiting crowded sites, as well as when traveling on crowded subways or trains. Places where tourists stop to contemplate the city’s beauty are favorite “working areas” of pickpockets.

It is a good idea to have a small purse or wallet with an ATM card and some currency in a securely zippered pocket and keep other cards, passports and so forth out of sight in a money belt or neck wallet hidden under clothing. Valuables should remain locked in your in-room safe at the hotel.

A few simple precautions can make a difference in how you remember your trip!

Trip Qualifications:

  1. Contestant must be a trade partner of Interior Essentials; Interior designer, General Contractor, architect, etc.
    1. Must place the order through Interior Essentials
  2. From February 1st until December 31st, 2018, contestant must buy a minimum purchase value with Interior Essential in the amount of $75,000 +.
  • One Person or Company can win the trip, the winner will be based off who completed the year with the highest Net Sales.
    1. Unless/If a Person or Company ends the year with sales over $250,000 they will automatically be included to win this trip.
  1. Sales are accounted at the time of completion and payment in full.
  2. Any product presented at Interior Essentials Scottsdale showroom is eligible, namely:
    1. Hunter Douglas
    2. Trend/Fabricut fabrics and hardware
    3. H&R Fabrics
    4. Duralee/Robert Allen drapery fabrics – fabrics and hardware
    5. Carole
    6. Helser Brothers hardware
    7. Kirsch Hardware *do we have a deeper discount than designer pricing?
    8. Paris Texas Hardware
    9. All Hardware product lines
    10. Pillows
    11. Custom draperies, upholsteries and bedding
    12. Dacryl acrylic panels
    13. Workrooms and Project Management
    14. Installation and Measures
  3. Products and Services are quoted at designer’s pricing, when available from the vendor, if not, at Interior Essentials designer’s price list.
    1. Customer pricing is available upon request
  • Purchase values do not include taxes.
  • Commissions paid back to the designer, if any, should be deducted from the purchase values.
  1. Contestant must agree in writing to the conditions of the contest
  2. Registered participants will be notified when they have reached the minimum purchase value of $75,000 and will receive a quarterly update indicating their calculated purchase value from 2/1/2018 to date, and rank in the contest. No information relative to competitors in the race will be disclosed before or after the end of the contest.
  3. The winning contestant will be notified during the first week following the end of the contest on January 2019. The winner will have the opportunity to decide the name of the participant to the trip. Participant must be an owner or employee of the wining firm. Participant can be accompanied by the person of his/her choice.
  • The travel includes two roundtrip flights to and from Phoenix in business class, all transfers, 7 nights in 4-star residences, as well as a 200 Euros per day expense allowance.
    Overweight or oversize luggage charges are not included.
  • Participant and his/her travel companion must have a valid passport throughout the duration of the travel.


  1. All awards earned are considered by the IRS to be taxable income. Any and all Federal, state and local taxes are the responsibility of each designer/design firm.
  2. IRS Form 1099-MISC will be issued to the designer/design firm that wins the trip. The Form 1099-MISC will be issued for the fair market value of the trip as determined by Interior Essentials reasonable discretion.

General Provisions

  1. Travelers must be 21 years of age or older or accompanied by a qualifying dealer 21 years of age or older.
  2. All accounts must be current within payment terms prior to award notification and the issuance of any travel documents.
  • Trips are non-transferable.
  1. Only the winning contestant and registered guest may participate in Riviera Provence Tour inclusions, such as hotel reservations and transfers. Under no circumstances can unregistered persons participate in trip inclusions.
  2. Trips are non-refundable, with no consideration for any unused trips.
  3. No other awards or cash will be provided in lieu of the trips published and there is no cash value for unused portions of the program.
  • Interior Essentials retains the right to add, change or replace a trip of equal value.
  • Interior Essentials reserves the right to audit compliance with the qualification requirements and reserves the right to amend, alter or cancel this program at any time.


United States citizens must travel with a valid passport for this trip.  Check the expiration date on your passport carefully before traveling to Europe. Entry into any of the 26 European countries in the Schengen area requires that your passport be valid for at least three months beyond your intended date of departure. If your passport does not meet the Schengen requirements, you may be denied boarding by the airline at your point of origin or while transferring planes. You could also be denied entry when you arrive in the Schengen area. The U.S. Department of State recommends that your passport be valid for at least six months whenever you travel abroad.

If you aren’t a US citizen, it’s your responsibility to check the requirements for entry into the European Union and return to the United States.

Children are required to carry their own passport. Those under the age of eighteen traveling with only one parent must have notarized consent from the other parent (regardless of marital status) to leave the United States. If applicable, a decree of sole custody for the accompanying parent or a death certificate of a deceased parent will be accepted.

If you don’t already have a passport or need to renew, don’t wait. Get started today!

Click here to learn how to apply for a passport or renew one.


We strongly recommend that you notify your bank and credit card companies that you’ll be traveling abroad and to check to make sure that your debit and credit cards will work while in Europe.

Currency – is the euro (€ or EUR).

Exchanging Money – The exchange rate changes daily. The rule of thumb is to pay for as many purchases as possible with your credit cards (you’ll receive the best exchange rate) and withdraw euros from an ATM using your debit or credit card to avoid the high commissions charged by hotel reception desks and currency exchange offices.

ATMs – ATMs dispense euros at competitive rates of exchange and are found at most banks and around the city. They accept most major bank and credit cards, provided you have a four-digit PIN, and many have instructions in English. Be advised that transaction fees vary when using local ATM machines, and U.S. banks will charge an exchange fee.

Credit Cards: Most major credit cards are accepted. If your card has a security chip in it, be sure to also travel with your pin number. Smaller shops and cafés may not accept credit cards, so you should always carry a little cash with you when you’re out and about to avoid any inconvenience.

A service charge is included in restaurant prices; however, it’s customary to round-up the bill by about 5%-10%, give or take, to make an even amount of euros. Pay the bill and the tip directly to the waiter—do not leave the tip on the table. When paying by credit card, indicate the tip on the check before handing it and your card to the waiter, although tipping in cash is preferred. For taxis, round-up the fare by a euro or two.

VAT Tax/Refunds – The VAT or IVA tax is roughly 20% on most items. If your permanent residence is outside of Europe, you can obtain to a VAT refund on merchandise purchases from stores that display “Tax Free Shopping” or “duty free” in the window, and you spend a minimum of €25.00 in one purchase (the amount will vary based on the country in which you make the purchase). When paying for your purchases ask the shop staff for a Tax Free Form and be prepared to show your passport. Fill in all the required fields in block letters. Not all stores participate in this service. At the airport please allow enough time for the refund process before your flight departs. Go to the Customs desk before flight check-in and present your completed Tax Free Form, passport, and unused purchases to get a stamp on your form. Don’t pack them away in your check-in luggage as you’ll need to show them to the Customs Officer (no customs stamp = no refund). After airline check-in, go to a tax refund counter and present your stamped and completed Tax Free Forms to receive the refund in cash or to a credit card. All refunds will incur a handling fee. You can also mail your stamped, completed Tax Free Forms to the address provided with the forms and receive a refund on your credit card.

US Customs Allowance – You’re permitted to bring up to $800.00 per person worth of duty-free merchandise into the United States from Europe. We encourage you to visit the US Customs and Border Protection website and read the “Know Before You Go” information for complete details about customs, duties, and allowances for returning travelers.

Cell Phones and Tablets

Check with your cell phone service provider for service availability and per-minute phone rates for Europe before you depart from home. Most major phone carriers offer international travel plans for voice, text, and data for Europe.

Smartphones and tablets constantly look for data connections to perform updates and other synchronization steps. Whether or not you travel with an international data plan, you may wish to turn off the roaming data option on your phone or tablet to avoid unexpected and possibly exorbitant charges while in Europe.

Electric Current

Electricity in France is 230 volts (in the United States it’s 110 volts). If you plan to use your own 110-volt personal appliances while traveling, you’ll need a voltage converter and a set of adapter plugs. Many laptop computers and battery chargers are dual voltage so will only require use of a plug adaptor. Dual voltage appliances should be marked “120/240v, 50/60 Hz”.


There are no restrictions on attire for entering museums, but show respect by dressing modestly when entering churches (the rule of thumb is to be sure that your shoulders and knees are covered). Bring along comfortable flat shoes, boots, or shoes with a wedge for walking around during the day, as the cobblestone streets can be very hard on the feet. It’s best to leave high heels at home.

Dark colored shoes will take you from daytime into evening at a casual restaurant without having to circle back to the hotel to change. In general there is no strict dress code for bars and restaurants, and smart-casual wear will usually be fine. If you plan to dine in an upscale restaurant, you’ll want to bring along something a little dressier. It’s always best to check the dress code when making a reservation.


June sees temperatures continue to rise as the summer season gets into full swing. Daytime temperatures now reach a warm high of 30°C (86°F) and only drop to around 20°C (68°F) in the evenings.

Daily sunshine is around 15 hours in June.

Time Zone

In June, France is in the Central European Summer Time zone. So when it’s 6:00 PM in Nice, France, it’s 9:00 AM in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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